Storage Ottoman

The storage ottoman is a seat or a piece of furniture for resting your feet while you are seated. It has a cushion on top and it has storing space inside. It is a piece of furniture that has several purposes at the same time and it is indeed valuable if you have a small apartment or small space in your living room or the room where you want to buy it for.

Many of them come under the shape of a cube and take up the minimum space possible. They may be covered in leather and be very comfortable because of the padding surface they are covered with. This cubic storage ottoman has a lid which can be attached or may come off completely depending on your choice of model. Some models allow the lid to be reversed and thus make the ottoman function as a small table where you can lay drinks and snacks for your guests. As this sounds, this multifunctional kind of storage ottoman can be a very smart and useful model.

Another kind of storage ottoman is the one that can be used as a stool for sitting at the desk. It again may look like a cube and may be made of leather or other kinds of material to go with the desk you have in your room. This kind of storage ottoman is usually sold together with the desk and it may come as an accessory to your desk. Its dual purpose includes storing books or other desk items that you do not want to place on shelves or on the surface of your desk and leave the impression of a mess.

The bench-like storage ottoman has a rectangular shape providing seating for more than just one person. This can be placed in front of a couch onto which you enjoy watching television for example and rest your feet after one long tiring day. In case you have guests and you cannot rely on extra chairs, this storage ottoman bails you out. It is however a less elegant manner of seating your guests but it does provide room for storing things you couldn’t otherwise keep, so that should do.

Another kind of interesting storage ottoman is the one that has the back of the lid fitted with a chess and checkers board or even a backgammon board. This ottoman is of course designed for entertainment and all the pieces for the game or games are kept inside. If the lid is not reversed it can still serve the purpose of resting feet or placing drinks and snacks. All in all, storage ottoman models are various and manufacturers think of all sorts of designs, colors and functionalities to attract the buyers and to meet their needs or interests.

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