Storage Beds

Are you tired of trying to find the right place for the extra pillow, for the bed sheets or pieces of clothing that seem to have no more room in your wardrobe? Are you into helping the room “breathe” and getting more space? Well, storage beds are the solution that manufacturers have proposed for you.

Usually storage beds come in various sizes just like all the other types of beds, they ca be queen size, full size or twin size as well as customized according to your wishes. The difference between these and the regular types of bed or the platform types of beds is that they come with drawers usually on the sideways – these drawers representing the actual solution you seek for storing various items.

Other features of these storage beds is that they are a little higher that the rest of the other beds. Most of the times they are about fifteen inches higher as they need to have more room under the place for the mattress where the drawers are to be found. Some storage beds have one pair of drawers others have even more. If the bed has two rows of drawers one on top of the other, logically your bed will no longer have the solid part made of wood onto which to place the mattress.

Choosing the right mattresses for the storage beds is done when purchasing the bed or later but only according to the measurements of the bed. Many beds like these come with a system of slats but you will need to purchase other bedroom accessories to go with your beds as well like the bookcases, nightstands, mirrors, dressers and the like. Storage beds, as any other type of furniture come in various colors and pallets so matching the bed with the rest of the furniture in your bedrooms is up to you.

Storage beds are an elegant option you have to make more space in your rooms and still have the chance to store without any difficulty the same number of items as if you had nightstands, chests or dressers. Some of them may look like classic, long ago beds as you can see people used to have in the past. If not for the look, storage beds are the most convenient option for small apartments where you want to avoid getting stuffy sensations due to your having too many pieces of furniture in one room.

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