Storage Bed

Pillows, sheets, clothing, slippers and many other items that seem not to find space in your wardrobes, closets or on shelves what can one do about them? So you need some more space and moving in a larger apartment or in one with a larger bedroom at least may not be so convenient or just may not be affordable yet. Therefore, investing money in a smart storage bed could spare you such trouble. Have a look on the internet and check for storing ideas and storage bed catalogs!

A storage bed can differ in size or design from another storage bed. Sizes vary just like they do with regular beds queen size, twin size, etc. Yet they differ in height because the storage bed has drawers on the laterals where you can keep the clothing items you want for example. Usually the storage bed is higher than the regular one with about 15 inches. Some designs of storage bed come with one row of drawers while other models come with two rows, one above the other.

The mattress to go with your storage bed ought to be bought at the same time as when you buy the bed. If that is not done, at least make sure you have the size of the bed when you give details on the mattress to the assistant. If you decide to buy a storage bed, then you might think of giving up acquiring night stands or other small pieces of furniture initially designed for storing various items. Most likely, you will not want to see your room clotted with small obstacle-like and suffocating furniture items especially if your bedroom is small.

But in case book shelves or mirrors come in handy, then making the match should be easy as they all come in a great variety of colors and finishes. The storage bed is a convenient option for eliminating other furniture and creating more space in your bedroom or house. Though some may think that the storage space is not enough, you would be surprised to see how much room you save and that you are able to store the same amount or number of items as you did with your previous night stands or other furniture pieces. Air your room with a storage bed and who knows, perhaps you might choose to extend this room-saving approach to other rooms in your house too.

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