Closet Storage

One of the most useful and wonderful ways of storing things, especially clothing and shoes is closet storage. If your house has enough rooms for you to keep one, only for clothes and shoes or if it was designed with closets, your problem is not just yet solved. Lack of time, lack of skill might still prevent you from keeping your things in order. That is why even for this miracle of modern life - closet storage you still need some tips and advice and the right furniture to keep yourself and your things in good order, easy to find and neatly arranged at the same time. Here are some pieces of advice for you on how to maintain and improve the order in your closet storage. You should first sort through your things and be drastic about it.

Then buy storage hangers, add shelves here and there if the one shelf provided by the initial desin is not sufficient, use boxes, baskets and shelf dividers to organize your shelves. For your shoes, boots and sandals, maybe your closet storage does not offer you the right choice. To save space and store all your shoes at the same time, remember to use over-the-door racks, hanging shoe bags, stackable racks or rotating shoe trees. Last but not least, consider installing extra drawers under the hanging rod. In order for you to have an orderly closet storage area, you will need a lot of devices and accessories fitted into it. Some of these tools and accessorries are: shelves, drawers, baskets, hanging rods, tilt-out hanpers, tilt-out bins, hooks, hangers, valet rods, belt racks, tie racks, hutches, towers, islands, doors and many others.

All this closet storage items can be found in specialized stores or you can create and furnish your own closet storage if you are skilled in the field of carpentry. Typical reach-in closet storage organizers have different separated areas for long and short hang clothing pieces. If you keep them separate from each other it will be easier for you to assess your wardrobe and find ehast you need immediately.

Another useful device in a closet storage type of organizer is represented by drawers. The drawers are useful for depositing the smaller items of clothing such as underwear, scarves, headkerchiefs and jewelery as well. Hats and seasonal accessories can be stored in boxes on the top shelves of the closets which makes them both accessible and visible. As far as shoes are concerned, you can also install vertical shoe cabinets which will house more shoes than you can imagine in a smaller space.

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