Sprinkler Heads

There are two common types of lawn sprinkler heads, which are “spray heads” or “rotor” heads.

Spray Heads

When sprinkler system get activated at that instant, sometime Spray lawn sprinkler heads designed to pop up out of ground, while others used to be on aboveground permanently. Spray heads give water high application rate and also used to discharge a large volume of water in very short period of time. It gives irrigation lingo. Because of above factor, sprinkler system with spray heads being used on surface and not on slopes. If you have to used spray heads on slopes please schedule your sprinkler system in such way that it will discharge water after shorter interval of time. It will help to conserver water and bill.

Rotating Sprinkles

Rotor sprinklers heads have slow application rate as compare to Spray Sprinkler heads. They take three times longer time to water the same amount of water as compare to Spray Sprinkler. But Rotor heads apply water uniformly as compare to Spray heads. It is recommended that one who want to water larger areas have to use rotor heads. It is logical choice to select rotor heads for irrigate large area of lawns.

If landscape’s roots are shallow, it is suggested that you should put down 1/3 of an inch water with each watering. If root system is very deep, you can put down more water at one time and then apply water less frequently.

The performance of sprinkler heads depends on many variables, it may be on pressure and design of system.

Testing Sprinklers Heads

Most of the big rotors waters ˝ inch per hour. Follow the steps to see how much your sprinkler pop out.

1. Put six cans of equal volume at different places on the lawn.

2. Now run your system for 10 minutes.

3. Now collect water from all six cans in one can.

4. Measure the water depth with the help of ruler, depth of the water indicates the rainfall equivalent in inches per hour.

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