Sprinkler Fire Installation


The system design criteria is usually based on building square footage, also usable spaces like attached garages, carports, attics used for storage etc., are get included when determining total building square footage.

Requirements: sprinkler system design and installation used to provide, National Fire Protection Association Standard 13D.

The number of design sprinklers be in accordance with NFPA standard, for buildings up to 3600 square feet. The number of design sprinklers be in accordance will include all sprinklers within the most remote room or area up to a maximum of three(3) sprinkles for building 3601 to 6200 square feet. If remote room contains less than 3 sprinkles, all of the heads shall be included. The number of design sprinklers be in accordance shall include all sprinklers within the remote room or area up to a maximum of four sprinklers.

Location Specification of Sprinklers:

Fire sprinklers can be attached at garage, basement, carport or foyer(s).

Any space which having area more than 22 inch by 30 inch , and having access stairs, also spaces which get used for living purpose or storage purposes can be provide with sprinkler protection.

Attic spaces which are highly equipped with furnaces or any mechanical equipment shall be provided with sprinkler protection for equipment itself.

Too small spaces can also be provided with sprinkler protection spaces like water heater or other mechanical equipments.

Fire Department Connection

The building which above 6200 used to be provided with a fire departments connection. FDC shall be located on the front side of the residence, and it is very easily accessible at the time of disaster. The FDC should have 2-1/2 connection and it should be installed according to NFPA standard 13. the color of FDC should be yellow or equivalent.

Alarms and Monitoring

Exterior audible water flow alarms shall be provided. Water flow shall activate either a separate audible devices that can be heard in all sleeping areas or through interconnection with the smoke detectors, which results in run alarm in sleeping areas.

Water flow switches and control valves are totally controlled electrically, when system uses more than 100 or more than 100 heads. Signal like valve monitoring, water- flow alarm and trouble signal transmitted automatically to main central or remote station monitoring service.

Control Valves

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