Repair Sprinklers

Sometimes sprinkler parts may get bent by accident, Components used tin Rain Bird Sprinklers are Cast bronze and Aluminum alloy, these parts are pliable to certain limits. These parts can come back to original shape if they are not very baldy damaged.

Repairs of model 20 or 25 arm can be done in following way, there are two vane x and y, vane “x” should fits on nozzle surface and the stream will enter the window “y”. It is good practice to repair the bend arm, by bending while it is in rest position, the vane x” is just to the left of the nozzle opening when viewed the nozzle face with the sprinkler in an upright position.

Broken Arm Spring can be repair in following way, Arm spring can be replace by pulling the fulscrum pin with a diagonal or side cutting pilers. You should pressed the pin in the body and it should come out when pulled.

Through the holes, feed end of spring in the arm, which can be done in following way.

Please go on performing as we suggest, hold the arm in your hand such that the cup part of the spoon facing you and spoon end of arm pointed to your right, now feed end of spring into the hole which is on your right then on through the hole on the left from the back side. Now look end of spring pointing toward you. Let’s bend over end near about “Ό” with the help pf needle needle node pilers.

The length of spring is normally more than required. Hold arm with spoon end pointing toward you looking down on top of arm. Now cut off the tag end of the spring at the centre line of the arm. Now install arm in the body. With the help of hammer drive fulcrum pin into lower hole. Pull arm around as far as it will go, away from nozzle and feed upper end of spring into the hole that is at a distance from the nozzle. Now feed through the other hole so it extends near about “1/8” and bend this extended spring end over sharply to clinch.

Now finally check the assembly it is not rubbing against the center bearing of the arm or the spring coils while rotation.

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