Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems

Rain Bird lawn sprinkler systems are the most commonly known and used by irrigation professionals and farmers around the world because of its efficiency. Rain Bird was invented around 1933 and its first patent was given to its inventor ‘Orton Englehart’ in 1935. Today Rain Bird has become the best known and widely used irrigation system around the world.

The most widely used lawn sprinkler heads are the 5000 series sprinkler rotors. The sprinkler rotors are the best and the sprinkler heads are tough, durable and moderately priced gear-driven sprinkler heads. Then there is also the Rain Bird T-Bird series. The rotors of T-Bird series come in 4 common sizes. The shrub rotor to be mounted on fixed risers, four inch pop-ups for shot grass, for taller grass there is six inch pop-ups, and the 12 inch pop-ups for behind the shrubs.

No Rain Bird sprinkler system is complete without the Rain Bird rain sensor. This device regulates the water distribution during rain and after rain. During rain the rain sensor stops the water flow. The Rain Bird rain sensor is made of a cardboard or sponge type material that expands when it gets wet and contracts when it dries. The expansion of the disc breaks the electrical connection in the common wire going to the electric valves and when the circuit breaks the pump automatically shuts off.

The Rain Bird rain sensor can be set to shut off the sprinkler system from 1/8” to 1” rainfall. The rain sensor is designed so that the disc dries at the same rate at which the soil dries out. Hence, once the rain water is soaked in and run off or evaporated, the system reactivates and resumes its regularly programmed schedule.

Rain Bird sprinkler systems can easily be spotted even by seeing a mere sprinkler head because of the unmistakable bird logo that symbolizes an ancient myth of Aztec origin, about a bird that would bring rain and save their crops. The Rain Bird logo is one of the most widely recognized symbols of irrigation systems around the world. When installing irrigation systems, the Rain Bird sprinkler systems is the most widely used sprinkler systems around the world, then be it the Rain Bird sprinkler heads or the Rain Bird rain sensors.

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