Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are mostly used for the maintenance of lawns as drip irrigation systems are ineffective for lawns. Lawn sprinkler systems cover a wide range of tools specially designed and developed for the requirement of lawns. These tools consist of underground piping, spray heads, hidden hoses, etc.

There are sprinkler systems that rotate around themselves which are driven by a ball drive, gear drive or impact mechanism. These systems can be programmed or designed to rotate in full circle or in partial circle. There a number of sprinkler systems like Floppy sprinklers, Spray Pop ups, Pulsating sprinklers which is revolutionary technique having no rotating or moving parts but is run due to the pressure of water supplied.

Many sprinkler systems have the sprinklers buried in the ground along with their supporting plumbing, but above ground and moving lawn sprinkler systems are also popular. Most of these lawn sprinkler systems function through electric and hydraulic technology.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

The automatic sprinkler systems consist of a variety of plumbing parts, piping and control equipments. The piping is fitted o the water source through plumbing and the control system. This control system opens and closes the valves to provide adequate amount of water on schedule. Some systems are technologically so improve that they even compensate for rain and close down when there is rain.

The following are the accessories commonly used building sprinkler systems for lawns.

1. Spray Pop-Ups:

Most Spray pop-ups are made of corrosion resistant and high impact engineering plastic with heavy duty retraction springs and anti drain valves. They also have a mechanism to control the spray directions with separate filter at nozzle inlet, wiper seal with flushing mechanism and having a uniform distribution profile. The nozzles for the spray pop-ups are ultrasonically welded with an inlet to prevent them form clogging.

2. Swing Joints:

These swing joints are constructed of stable engineering plastic which makes the pop-up installation easy and fast. It is flexible and the leak tight swivel joints help to install pop-up in different areas and brace it from external impact.

3. Floppy Sprinklers:

The floppy sprinkler is a revolutionary new concept with the sprinkler having no moving parts. It unique spraying pattern prevents any dry patches. It is practically maintenance free as it does not have any moving parts. Light weight allows the floppy sprinkler to stand on a height on aluminum. It is mostly suited for landscape and lawn irrigation.

4. Coupler:

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