Lawn Irrigation

Irrigation generally means that the application of water artificially to the soil. Irrigation is usually used for assisting the growth of crops. It is mainly used as a substitute for rainfall. Lawn is an area which is extensively planted with grass and some specific types of other plants which are maintained at low and even height.

Lawn irrigation is done to provide water to lawn by artificial means. Lawn irrigation is mainly done as a lawn requires regular watering for maintaining its grace and beauty. Lawn irrigation is mostly done by sprinkler irrigation systems. Localized irrigation i.e. drip irrigation is ineffective for lawn irrigation.

In sprinkler irrigation system, water is piped through one or more locations in the lawn which is then sprinkled over the lawn by over head high-pressure sprinkler guns. When water is passed to a sprinkler, it flows through the lateral lines and ultimately ends up in the sprinkler heads. The sprinklers have inlets in the bottom which are pipe thread inlets which allows the pipe to be thoroughly fixed with the sprinklers. The sprinklers are installed usually with the sprinkler head at the ground surface. When water is pressurized through them the pop out of the ground and water the desired area until the valve closes. When there is no water pressure the sprinkler heads will retract to the ground.

The basic tools need for the installation of sprinkler irrigation system are pipes, sprinkler heads, irrigation valves and adequate water supply to meet the required water pressure for the sprinkler heads to pop up. The amount of tools required for the irrigation of a lawn depends upon the size of the lawn. It the lawn is small enough for the range of a sprinkler head then there may not be any need for another sprinkler head. Also if there are two or more sprinkler heads then the water supply should be arranged in such a way that each head get enough water pressure.

Automatic Lawn Irrigation Systems:

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