Kids Sprinklers

There are varieties of kidsí sprinklers. You can use any of them to entertain your child. These are suitable for children above 3 years.

Kids sprinkler is for spraying water for fun. They are safe and less weight. You can use them in your garden to enjoy your child.

1. Geyser blast sprinkler for active kids;

This sprinkler is for fun playing. This is suitable for kids above 3 years. This sprinkler keeps your child cool in hot days. You can simply attach to your garden hose. It has 7 mini hoses that spray water in all directions. So use it in your back yard for making a funny holiday to your children.

2. Wigglin water sprinkler:

Wigglin water sprinkler is available in different colors of rubber and plastic material. It is suitable for children above 3 years. It spreads water to wider area. So you can join more children in your garden and make them play actively. You can simply attach them in your garden hose. You can also adjust the water pressure either raise it or lower it.

3. Full flow water distributors:

You can use this sprinkler to fill your kids wading pool. You can adjust the water flow. It is safe. You can turn around the directions while discharging water. It is easy to use. It is suitable for hot and cold water.

4. Bath tub friends:

Bath tub friends are the sprinklers for kidsí bath tub. It will be in the shape of a toy and the water sprinkles from the head of the toy. It is ideal for children 12 months and above. This will increase the happiness of your kids while bathing. It is available in attractive colors. Water spins around all directions to wet your baby full. It is available in the shape of octopus.

5. Bath time shower:

Bath time showers are more than a kid toy. You can not take your kid in real shower as it will create trouble in breathing. This shower will be of great use to give bath to child. He will enjoy this shower. This is suitable for kids above 12 months. It is also available in bright colors. You just press the button to shower water. You can change the direction of water to add more fun. It can be easily attached to tubs.

6. Wild planet dunk seat:

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