Irrigation Systems

The two major types of irrigation system Drip and sprinkler are discussed here. These two systems have their own features and benefits.

Irrigation system includes water source, water distribution networks and other irrigation equipments. There are two major types of irrigation system Drip irrigation system and Sprinkler irrigation system.

Drip irrigation system:

Water is not an unlimited source. The water level in World is fast reducing nowadays. So we have to use water carefully. Drip irrigation system meets this challenge well. Jain is the only manufacturer of Drip irrigation systems. This system is designed after careful study of different soils and crops. Water will be discharged to the roots of each plant at regular intervals. So plants will not suffer from over or under watering. This system not only saves water but also results in good harvesting. You can also save cost on labor and fertilizers.

Jain drip irrigation system is made of high grade materials. So they are reliable. You can use this system for apples, banana, sugarcane, cotton, vegetables, flowers, tea, teakwood and so on. It is suitable for any soil. It will result in improvement in yield. You can save 70 % water under this system.You can use the fertilizers efficiently. So the crops will grow constantly and healthy. You can also get early maturity of crops. You can use this in sandy, hilly and uneven areas. You can cultivate crops even in salty water regions by using this system.

This system ensures moisture to plants sufficiently. As it helps to water the roots of plants, it improves the quality and maximizes the growth. It ensures uniform application of water to each and every plant.

Sprinkler irrigation system:

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