Irrigation Equipment

You can select from the various irrigation equipments available in online market. This article explains the features and benefits of some equipments.

There are number of Irrigation equipments available in the market. Domestic submersible pumps are water lifting machines. They combine both submersible pumps and motor. As the name itself indicates, it can be used for small scale and domestic purposes. Soaker hose is used to irrigate small grass lands

Pattern water spray guns allow water flow in 9 different patterns like angles, fan, flood, shower, center etc. They are available in two types of materials plastic and chromium. You can adjust their angles to spray water in different directions. You can also adjust the flow of water depending upon the type of crops.

Function spray guns can be used for watering and cleaning. It has also two types of nozzles plastic and chromium. Plastic impulse sprinklers are another type of equipment that has H shaped plastic base. Plastic oscillating sprinkler has 19 holes for water spraying. It has wire mesh inside that prevent obstruction in water supply. It is specially designed to provide long life. It is less weight and easy to maintain.

Dancing flower sprinkler is water spray equipment that looks like a flower. It is also less weight and easy to handle. It weighs between 2 to 3 kilograms. Irrigation equipments manufactured in China are designed to provide sufficient moisture to your plants. There are various types of nozzles that allow water flow differently to suit your requirement. The flower shaped mini sprinklers are most suitable for your garden. They are less weight and attractive that children may like to handle. They are made up of aluminum or copper.

Irrigation pump set is a complete pump set that contains pumps, suction hose, delivery hose and sprinkler. It is suitable for small land owners. There are varieties of modes in pump set that you can choose according to your need.

Self priming pump is ideal for gardening and farming. You can select the product according to the acres of land and the horse power required to run the motor. Adjustable dripper can be used for crops that require water flow in drips. You can adjust the drips according to the type of crops. It is less weight and easy to maintain. It is made up of plastic.

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