Husker Underground Sprinklers

Have you ever read about an in-ground sprinkler system? Husker Outdoors Inc. provides a best pricing in-ground sprinkler system.

In the case of watering by hand, 50 percent of the water used is lost by runoff and by evaporation. In times of watering restrictions, sprinkler systems can be programmed to operate at late nights or early morning when water evaporation is the lowest.

A system by Husker Outdoors Inc. uniformly waters your lawn, in adequate quantity using all means to ensure efficiency. The company consists of a team of expert installers, with the modern machinery and equipment of today and they install a system of underground pipes, with minimal distraction of your lawn.

Husker Outdoors Inc. is famous for handling the job in the most professional way, from design to completion. The installations performed by the company are warranted for 1 year for defects in the workmanship, and all parts such as sprinkler heads, valves etc.

To design an efficient lawn sprinkler system, it is very important to comprehend the relationship between water, soil, and plants. Husker Outdoors Inc. provides exact timing and system design to eliminate over watering.

Spring Scheduling -

* If you call in March or April, they can make any repairs and set the clock. They can make the clock ‘off’ and when the time to start watering comes; you can turn the clock to ‘auto’.

* If you call in May or June, you have to call a week in advance before you are ready for turn-on. You have to make sure that your system is already on before doing any planting and seeding.

Winter Scheduling -

* Winterizing means turning the main water valve to the lawn sprinkler system and blowing air through the lines with large air compressors.

* Winterizing is started from September - November. After this date we are not responsible for any system still on.

* Though temperatures fall below freezing at night, it requires approx. 10 - 15 hours below freezing temperature to damage to the system.

Underground sprinkler systems designed and installed in the correct manner using the appropriate equipment eliminates time consuming task of hand watering and provides your landscape with uniform coverage of water to help in vigorous growth of landscape plants.

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