Fire Sprinkler Parts

What is a fire sprinkler?

Fire sprinklers are the devices which are used to put off the fires whenever a fire breaks out. They generally are used for domestic purposes. Fire sprinklers can be automatic or open orifice. Automatic fire sprinklers operate at a predetermined temperature, utilizing a fusible link, a portion of which melts, or a frangible glass bulb containing liquid which breaks, allowing the plug in the orifice to be pushed out of the orifice by the water pressure in the fire sprinkler piping, resulting in water flow from the orifice. There is a detector which detects when a fire is broken and water flows through the pipes and gushes out through the sprinkle head. Fire sprinklers are very useful for domestic purposes they prevent lots of losses when a fire breaks, occupants are left with enough time to escape before the fire brigade comes. Fire sprinkler thus is great boon to human being. It not helps to prevent economic losses but also prevents human losses.

Parts of a Fire Sprinklers

1) Detectors: - A detector which detects when a fire is broken and water flows through the pipes and gushes out through the pipe and then the sprinkle head. There are different types of smoke detector which changes in temperature and other aspects.

2) Pipe: - When the detector detects the flames/smoke then after two minutes the water gushes out of the pipe and through the pipe it gets out through the opening called sprinkle head.

3) Sprinkler head: - A fire sprinkler head is mouth if the fire sprinkler from where the water gushes when a fire is broke. About 20-40 gallons of water per minute. In sprinkler head is the back bone of the fire sprinkler. The fire sprinkler cannot work without having a fire sprinkler head. The fire sprinklers head are much more expensive than the standard type. Whenever a fire breaks out the sprinkler head is opened or activated by either the fire or the smoke detector. After a minute or two water flows into the pipe and then comes out of the sprinkler head. . The fire sprinkler heads can operate at very high temperature as well as very low temperatures.

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