Spider Bite

Spider bite symptoms are often variable from one person to another depending on the sensitivity of the individual. Those people who have been the victims of a spider bite often need medical treatment in order to prevent a rapid deterioration of their health condition. Sometimes a spider bite can have very few local marks and it is only identified by the symptoms. The physical reactions to a spider bite are usually classified into local and systemic; the former can be treated at home right after the occurrence of the accident, whereas the latter often require professional medical treatment in order to reduce the reaction of the body to the venom.

The local symptoms associated with a spider bite include pain, itching, redness and even swelling of the area; their intensity can be reduced if a tight bandage is applied above the wound. This precaution measure is only valid in case the spider bite is located at the level of the arms or legs. One other thing you can do is to put some ice or cold water on the bite in order to reduce the discomfort and alleviate the pain. You should be concerned when the symptoms do no improve within 24 hours and there is numbness or increase in pain.

The greatest risk of a spider bite is anaphylaxis: the allergic reaction to spider venom that is sometimes encountered with very sensitive people. Hives, wheezing, shortness of breath and weakness are the general symptoms associated with anaphylaxis, therefore call 911 right away if you notice any such symptoms. Other systemic reactions to spider bites include leg cramps, leg numbness, headaches, pulse changes, exhaustion and more, they are all serious enough to determine one to call the doctor right away. Hence, do not hesitate to do so in case you experience any of the above symptoms!

Many of the ointments prescribed for the alleviation of the pain caused by a spider bite are often ineffectual. Reactions to spider venom vary from one person to another, and the same rule stays valid for the treatment, which is why a remedy that has worked for a person is not necessarily going to be the perfect choice for another. The doctor's advice is therefore crucial under such circumstances since the worst scenario of a spider bite is possibly death when the action of the venom is taken to the extreme, and help can only be found in a professional medical facility. Don't wait until things get too complex!

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