Brown Recluse Spider Bites

Like other insect injuries, brown recluse spider bites are likely to cause lots of discomfort as they are behind the majority of necrotic wounds reported in the United States on a yearly basis. Though the spider species in question is pretty common and not aggressive, sometimes, their venom has a great impact on the system triggering a very violent response not only at the skin level but in the deep body structures as well. How can one treat brown recluse spider bites?

In order to control inflammation, you should apply some ice on the bite; aloe vera ointment or fresh aloe juice could also help you soothe the pain or the itching. Nevertheless, besides this self-treatment you should also seek professional medical health since brown recluse spider bites are not to be taken lightly. Other measures meant to improve the victim's condition include the elevation or the immobilization of the body part if the bite has been made on one of the limbs.

Though many patients fail to turn to medical intervention for the matter, the use of antihistamines, anti-venom and antibiotics can prove of great help. Yet, we should nevertheless mention the fact that research on none of these treatments has been conclusive enough to be established as a general remedy for the brown recluse spider bites. In the majority of cases the wound is likely to heal without any medical intervention whatsoever, however, the exception appears in the cases when the venom spreads in a blood vessel.

It is not unusual to misdiagnose various skin infections as brown recluse spider bites, since the symptoms are very often miscellaneous. Statistics show that 80% of the brown recluse spider bites are misdiagnosed. A test has been created to identify the wound and the venom type, but the practice is not part of the medical routine yet. Lots of doctors recommend a minor surgical intervention in the tissue area affected by the venom, yet the excision could impair the recovery as such and may increase the risk of scarring.

The curious fact is that lots of brown recluse spider bites have been reported in parts of America where this species does not live. There are other spider varieties to blame for the matter, but none of them causes necrosis, not even the Hobo spider, that is often held responsible. The brown recluse spider bites are the only ones to cause necrosis but in very rare situations and when the immunity of the victim is very low.

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