Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Given the lack of aggressive behavior of the species in general, the brown recluse spider bite should be a trifle. Yet, things are not that simple since a mere exposure to the venom of this spider can trigger a whole range of very unpleasant reactions. As it seldom happens for a person to suffer from a brown recluse spider bite, many doctors have difficulties in diagnosing certain symptoms that accompany it, very often such a bite can be even taken for a staphylococcus skin infection that is very similar in manifestation and symptoms. The result of such a bite is known as loxoscelism, and it may appear in cutaneous and system manifestations.

On a regular basis there should be no necrosis associated with a brown recluse spider bite, yet, some people are exposed to systemic reactions. The most risky of situtations have been registered in the case of children under seven, who have been bitten by this insect; an equally high risk is present with people that have a very fragile immune system. The severest form that a brown recluse spider bite can get is that of necrosis when the deep tissues are affected and get gangrenous; the venom actually destroys the soft tissue, the area heals very slowly and scarring is inevitable.

A brown recluse spider bite gets painful and itchy within two up to eight hours from the incident. The next thirty six hours are crucial for the evolution of the condition, since it is now that a deterioration or an improvement may occur; generally speaking, the ulcer and the necrosis will only appear within a few days if the health status does not improve. Once the venom has got into the system, there is a whole range of symptoms that accompany the brown recluse spider bite: vomiting, nausea, fever and muscular or joint pain have been among the most frequently reported.

Though apparently harmless, the brown recluse spider bite is more serious than that of other more venomous and threatening species. Lots of efforts have been made so far in the direction of creating an antidote for spider bites in general, but, unfortunately, scientists have not been successful just yet. The only way to avoid the unpleasantness of the situation is prevention: cleaning the house regularly and eliminating spider webs from very hidden corners could prove essential. Moreover, when going outdoors for a picnic, try to avoid lying in the grass or under very old trees as these are the favorite habitat of this spider species.

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