Speeding Car

“Speeding car kills child on the curb”, “Police and speeding car race on the freeway”, “Speeding car falls off the bridge”, these are the scary titles we read in our newspapers daily. Are people in such a hurry that they forget about traffic rules and personal safety? Or is it an issue of ignorance, lack of concern and irresponsibility? Many people now equal a powerful sports car with a speeding car: well, they couldn't be more wrong. Regardless of how much money you pay for the vehicle, or what kind of special features it includes, you are not in the least safer when running at high speed.

A speeding car is a threat on public roads, and not only for the driver and the passengers but for the rest of the people involved in traffic. It is basic Physics and common sense that tell us that the reactions to the road conditions are often unpredictable. Sometimes, the driver doesn't even have the chance to respond properly before the accident occurs; this means that the car controls can no longer help you when the speed is not adjusted to the road conditions as such. You won't be able to turn at a close angle if you don't reduce the speed beforehand.

The police will often stop a speeding car and drastically fine the driver; the speeding ticket will be a blotch on the record, not to mention all the insurance advantages that you lose. Consequently, you can take it this way too: do not exceed the speed limit so as not to get fined and get some penalty points that will cost you dearly afterwards. If we consider the overall picture, we can truthfully say that being stopped by the police is the easiest thing that could happen to you when driving a speeding car.

Many scientists have devoted time and commitment to the study of the Physics of a speeding car; they can now offer statistical data about how velocity changes the car reactions to the road. The adherence of the wheels on the tarmac is changed, the braking capacity requires a distance proportional with the speed and the physical exposure of the driver gets higher depending on weather and road conditions. When you sit in your car and leave for a certain destination, remember that life is the most precious thing you've got: it's a shame to lose it or spend it in prison!

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