How To Beat A Speeding Ticket

When caught red-handed for breaking the law in traffic, who wouldn't like to get without any penalty at all? There are a few things you can try in order to get away without a fine, but there are no rules to teach you how to beat a speeding ticket for instance. There are a few dos and don'ts that you should consider before the officer signs and sends the report; first of all you need to work at the attitude: don't get angry or sarcastic, keep your voice calm and be as nice as you can.

Show the officer that you are a nice person to deal with, make a good impression, different from what he / she may expect from a “supposed criminal”. Depending on the officer's reactions to your behavior you may follow your instinct in order to know how to beat a speeding ticket. Sometimes a few nice words and a total submission to the authority will do to get you out of the crisis with a clean record.

When you are stopped by the police more than once, you almost get to follow a pattern about how to beat a speeding ticket; nevertheless, tricks don't always work, sometimes you may have to pay the penalty and be more careful next time. Or you can support your case in court and plead “not guilty”; there have been plenty of cases when people managed to get away without a fine after convincing the judge of the truthfulness of their case.

Ask the officer some questions about the way the radar caught you. Do not insist if he / she refuses to show you the radar record. The best thing to do after getting a fine is not to learn how to beat a speeding ticket but how to stay out of trouble for the future. Going to court over and over again just to plead “not guilty” especially when you are definitely guilty is a waste of time.

There are people who would make very daring moves in order to win in the attempt to escape a fine. In their case the question is not how to beat a speeding ticket but how to avoid getting a criminal record. Some will try to get delays, and use the time to convince either the officer or the prosecutor of their innocence or atoning circumstances. Some people would even go to the extent of writing to the mayor or bringing the case into public debate.

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