Georgia Speeding Ticket

The laws that govern speeding tickets are not the same all over the United States, they vary from state to state, which is why you need to learn what consequences such a crime may have. Let's say that you've got a Georgia speeding ticket, now you have to find out how to fight it. Moreover, try to be as much in control of your actions as possible since any decision could affect the driving privileges and even the car insurance policy advantages.

Most frequently, you'll only get a Georgia speeding ticket if you drive with more than 10 mph over the limit, but this is just statistics, it is not the letter of the law. The problem is that even if you want to fight a Georgia speeding ticket in court, you'll find out that things are different than with other states. For instance, if you try to skip pre-trial or get a delay, you'll have to bring some kind of solid proof that you cannot appear in court.

You cannot pay the fine for a Georgia speeding ticket with a check, they only take cash. Then, you should know that when you plead guilty, most courts will reduce the speed with up to five mph, which could matter a great deal for the insurance premiums. When you can make such a deal, you can consider yourself lucky as no speeding ticket under 14 mph is posted in the personal record.

In case you want to contest a Georgia speeding ticket you will have to enter a plea of not guilty and send all the documents you can use to support your plea either by fax or mail. Make a phone call to the court to check whether the documents have been received or not, but do it at least two weeks before the court date as such; thus you protect yourself against unpleasant situations when you show up for the arraignment.

The fine for Georgia speeding ticket usually ranges between $145 and $325, but the clerk of the court is the one to give you more precise information about what to expect for the individual citation that you will have received. If you are not sure about your violation, you have to check the statute number of the ticket and then the way the driving law is applied to Georgia; you can find complete information on the Internet if you search for regulations. Good luck!

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