Fighting Speeding Tickets

Fighting speeding tickets is often a matter of principle rather than an attempt to avoid paying a fine. Many people have difficulties in following certain traffic regulations that they find absurd, and, therefore they are ready to take the chance of being stopped by the police than adjust their driving to the valid laws of the state. Moreover, there are cases when people are even proud that despite the fact of being stopped for speeding, they've still managed to keep their record clean.

Fighting speeding tickets successfully requires a lot of patience and attitude control on the part of the driver. Being verbally aggressive towards the officer, trying to intimidate or simply making a scene will fail you and get you the fine you deserve. Therefore, do not even try fighting speeding tickets when you are in a hurry, angry or upset, as it really takes a lot of psychological strength and ability to convince a police officer to let you go with just a warning.

When you see the blue lights, pull the car on the right, stop the engine and wait for the police officer to come and start the formalities. Always keep the hands on the driving wheel where they can be seen and never go out of the car; if you are stopped at night, turn on the lights inside of your car. Do not argue your case during the first basic procedure steps as many officer will not even talk to you while checking the documents. When the first formalities are over, you can actually try your luck at fighting speeding tickets.

When fighting speeding tickets it is important to convince the officer of the big deal a fine will be for you; try to be as truthful and honest as possible. Do not use an ironic or sarcastic tone as this will make the officer stick to his or her decision even more firmly. If you've managed to create a comfortable atmosphere and you get to make the officer feel sorry for you, the odds are higher that you'll be allowed to go without any problem.

Last but not least, bribing the officer is not a smart thing to do when fighting speeding tickets. Such an attempt is pretty risky, as you may definitely add up to the already existing charges. Try to see the radar record and ask the police officer questions on the way he or she saw you speeding up; this may also help you in the eventuality that you get to court and are asked to tell everything that happened in minute details.

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