Solar Power Panels

The gaining popularity of solar power panels has inevitably led to the appearance of all sorts of myths concerning the making of green electricity. The main issue was that the production of a solar panel as such will take more energy than it will ever put out. The myth appeared in the 70s and it triggered strenuous scientific efforts to confirm or infirm it. A study conducted in the United States on the amount of time necessary to reach a payback point by the use of the solar power panels revealed that it takes from five to ten years for the case of single-crystal systems.

More advanced solar power panels have a much reduced payback period; thus for polycrystalline panels, the investment is recovered withing 3 to 5 years, while with amorphous silicone the time lapse is shortened to only two years at the maximum. The price for very efficient solar power panels is definitely high, but the investment is considered worth making if you won't have to pay electricity bills for the rest of your life. Moreover, you'll even get tax credits from the government; all you need to do is look for the info and the legal background that support people who want to go solar.

Solar power panels are usually included in 48-volt systems, this is considered the standard and such a value replaces the former 12 and 24 volt-systems that were linked in multiple panels to meet the needs of home owners. What is the immediate consequence of higher voltage solar power panels?For one thing the efficiency is drastically increased and there are lower line losses that really make a difference for the matter. Some people choose to install controllers and sun trackers to maximize the use of the solar power panels, but sometimes you may really need an expert's opinion in order to to make sure that you get the best option for your home.

A very simple and rather inexpensive variant of solar power panels are the solar roof shingles. They are small-sized and meant to cover your entire house roof, or just the part facing south. They are very easy to install and they use a very simple mounting and wiring system, which is why they are considered suitable for almost all budgets. For someone who cannot pay $54,000 for some ultra-sophisticated solar power panels, the solar roof shingles are a very convenient solution.

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