Solar Pool Panels

Solar pool panels rely on a very basic concept of water circulation, and this is the actual mechanism that plays all the important part in the heat generation necessary for a medium-sized and even a large pool. If we were to compare solar pool panels with a car radiator to make an easy to understand parallel, the former collect the heat instead of dissipating it the way the latter does. The majority of such solar systems consist of flat black panels made of special plastic materials that remain unaffected by weather and UV action. The greatest and main advantage of solar pool panels is that they generate no operational costs besides the investment.

Moreover, the use of solar pool panels for water heating is an environment-friendly procedure by its totally non-polluting nature. Nevertheless, the big disadvantage of such alternative power sources is that the panels do not generate heat on demand, as they rely on the sun light for the completion of the purpose. While with some other energy sources you can always burn more fuel to increase the temperature, such a case is not possible with the use of solar pool panels. Unfortunately, solar pool panels have not gained a total popularity on the market, due to the initial large investment one has to make.

Not everybody can afford to have system of solar pool panels that cost somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 for no more than four hundred square feet of residential pool area. The energy saving advantages are obvious in two or three years of constant usage, considering the fact that the life span of an alternative heat generator is around twenty years. Price variations do exist between the various models of solar pool panels even if the heating performances are pretty much the same.

As a general rule those solar pool panels that face south are usually less expensive than those that are east or west-oriented. Moreover, if you want to make the swimming temperature comfortable in winter months too, then more solar pool panels are required, which will significantly increase the overall costs of the system. And last but not least, there are the mounting methods that do influence the price, just like electronic control options and aesthetic touches. From this point of view the user does have the possibility to decide which variant or model of solar pool panels better suits his or her budget.

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