Solar Panels Window

The creation of a solar panels window is the latest technological achievement in the attempt to generate electricity from sun light. The procedure is rather simply: you simply paint the window with a special organic dye that is totally transparent; this substance will absorb the light and transfer it in the photo-voltaic cells included in the window frame. There, in the modules, the light will become electricity. A study conducted at the Institute of Technology in Boston shows that such a solar panels window could produce ten times more energy than a regular photo-voltaic cell would. This should definitely solve the issue of the too high costs one normally pays on regular solar panels.

The efficiency of the solar panels window is the result of a unique combination of dyes with each variety absorbing a different kind of light wavelength. Moreover, the light is prevented from being lost away, and the system allows its rapid and complete sending to the photo-cells in the window frame. Called a solar concentrator system, the solar panels window could replace lots of existing technologies; though studies are still in progress, and implementation will take around three years to complete, the perspective is surely one of the brightest.

The thing with organic photo-voltaic panels on which the solar panels window relies is that they are not as resistant and efficient as silicon panels. Silicone is the basis for most green energy systems, and it is precisely this element that makes them expensive. Despite this inconvenient a solar panels window is still a great accomplishment since the use of the transparent flexible panels has a variety of other applications. It can actually be placed on any other surface, not only on the window, and an unobtrusive power grid is all the more desirable.

People with south facing houses are more likely to enjoy the benefits of a solar panels window, not to mention that this form of renewable power source is great to be applied for apartments. The extensive use of this technology will give a boost to the use of alternative power systems given the low costs and the easy installation, as presently, these two are the main impediments for the purchase of regular solar panels. There is flexibility, efficiency and low costs, what could one expect more? Consequently, home users will no longer be affected by the increase in the price of utilities.

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