Solar Panels Maine

Alternative power sources are probably the hottest debate topic of the century, and in the attempt to increase the usage extent of wind, water and sun for electricity production, governments have come up with a legal background to support and encourage their installation. Since the photo-voltaic power systems are pretty expensive, there is no way they would become compulsive, at least not until a cheaper solution is found. Under the circumstances, and in order to support the use of solar panels, Maine authorities for instance have started to consider some very important bills on solar energy. The issue for the solar panels Maine approach was that of the rebate program.

The geographical specificity in this part of USA allows for a very extensive use of solar energy for the production of electricity for both home utilities and heating purposes. Therefore solar panels- Maine authorities claim - will little by little compensate for the population's need for organic fuel support. The incentive programs that the local governmental agencies have come up with cover the utility rebates and the utility loans, meaning that when you install a solar electricity system, money will be reimbursed to the residents or the businesses that have taken up the initiative.

The first problem that the solar panels Maine plans encountered was that of budget limitation. Take for instance the year 2005 when the $500,000 allocated for the purpose of rebate was exhausted without covering the needs of all the applicants. Many Maine residents who contributed to the enactment of the solar energy system in their households had to wait for the promised rebate until new funds were allocated. Over the next two years, solar panels Maine users received more rebates than the years before and the figures are in progress with each coming month. It is only natural that one would like to benefit from the advantages of no-electricity bill and a tax credit for the solar power investment.

The solar panels Maine policy finds its place in a very complex and widely spread national current meant to encourage the use of alternative power sources and the limitation of pollution. One other element that is still under debate concerns the reduction of the costs for the solar panels so that they can be more easily accessible to the average user that has a limited budget. Tax reduction is only one incentive, but if lower prices were practiced, even more solar panels would be sold.

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