Solar Energy Panels

Practice has taught many home owners that the correct mounting of the solar energy panels has a definite impact on the efficiency of the system as such. To put it literally, many people actually started to track the sun; this means that the solar energy panels rotate around an axis so as to track the sun from dawn to dusk.

The inclination angle of the solar system depends on the season and on the latitude, thus it could be closer to flat in summertime, and very steep or almost vertical in winter. Experts advise home owners to install the solar energy panels by calculating the angle with a very simple formula: in summer it's the latitude minus fifteen, and in winter it is the latitude plus fifteen.

The advantages of solar energy panels that rely on trackers are manifold. First of all, you'll notice a better power output, given the fact that the panels can face the sun almost all day long. Then, the system as such is more advantageous for people living closer to the equator, but this doesn't mean the rule is not valid for the rest of the globe areas. You see the difference in efficiency with tracking solar energy panels if you also use the system to produce heat and not just electricity.

There are nevertheless some disadvantages to the combination of solar energy panels and mechanic trackers. The major issue here is that unlike the panels that are meant for long term resistance, the trackers could be subject to constant maintenance. Then, on very windy weather, you may have the surprise of having the solar energy panels oriented in the wrong direction.

Furthermore, the highest efficiency of the solar energy panels is in summer time when it is very unlikely that you'll need extra electricity. And last but not least, the cost of a tracker equals that of two solar energy panels.

It is up for every home owner to analyze the pros and cons of combining the use of solar energy panels with tracking devices. The decision should be made taking into consideration all the objective factors in question, since we are talking about a rather significant investment that is not at all to be neglected.

All in all, the solar energy panels can provide more than satisfactory results even in the absence of such devices; south orientation is therefore one of the most popular, but the east and west directions are also favored. Depending on the position and architecture of the house, it is good to keep in mind the fact that solar panels remain a valuable energy source almost anywhere on the globe.

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