Solar Electric Panels

Solar electric panels are the photo-voltaic systems that create electricity by capturing and depositing sun energy and convert it under the form of direct current. Most often, solar electrical panels are referred to as PV systems, which is the short form of photo-voltaic. The basic working element of such a system is the cell; a large number of interconnected cells are organized so as to create modules, which in their turn are responsible for the overall formation or unit. Solar electrical panels can be used for outdoor lighting systems, home applications as well as for covering the energy needs of entire households.

An often neglected advantage of solar electric panels is that they save you from the risk of blackouts. Such occurrences are pretty frequent in parts of the world more exposed to thunderstorm formation. Since solar electric panels send the accumulated energy to batteries on which the system operates, overcharging is not possible due to the presence of a controller that stops the process when the battery is full. When you are generating more power than you can use, you can actually send it to the common utility net, for which you get paid. This means that home users sell the energy that they produce over the necessity limit of their household. Such a procedure is perfectly legal, being stipulated by law.

What is the extent of system built on solar electric panels? The smallest size covers fifty square feet whereas the larges is limitless, though for home use four hundred square feet would be almost the maximum. In order to fully understand the efficiency of the solar electric panels keep in mind the fact that the photo-voltaic cells generate 1kW per hour for every one hundred square feet. There is a limitation as to the extent of the number of solar electric panels that you can use on the house roof, and usually, you should not produce more than 200% of the house electricity needs.

As for the price of solar electrical panels we should say that the larger the system, the more expensive it will be. If we consider a two kilowatt system, the cost for the complete installation would be somewhere between $16,000 and $ 20,000. Fortunately there are some rebates and tax credits for people who want to go solar. This means that you can save up to 30% from your taxes if you install such solar electrical panels.

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