Pool Solar Panels

Pool solar panels as main heating systems allow one to save money considerably, not to mention that the contribution to the reduction of toxic emissions is not to be overlooked. In terms of solar applications, pool heating has proved highly successful, particularly since the systems are considered both very simple and affordable at the same time. Pool solar panels require the use of unglazed plastic collectors, given the fact that the pool itself functions as the main thermal storage recipient. Under the action of the pump that controls the water filtration circuit, the water in the pool will actually be sent in the solar collectors.

We can consider pool solar panels and light energy as another type of fuel and it actually behaves as such; the result is that it will bring the water temperature at a level that is comfortable for swimming. Through the diversion of the water through the numerous tiny passages in the solar energy collector, water is automatically heated. The warm water is sent back into the pool by the filtration pump until all the volume has reached a certain temperature level. When the heating process is over, water is not longer passed through the solar collectors but sent directly back into he pool.

Despite a very widely spread opinion that the pool solar panels have to face south, manufacturers point out that this is not a must-follow rule. The only condition for the proper functioning of the system is that the pool solar panels be exposed to the sun light as much as possible throughout the day. The inclination angle in a certain direction is very often influenced by the type of mounting used for the installation of the system. A heated pool is a great idea no matter the climate particularly since many home owners would like to take a swim early in the morning. After a chilly night for instance, the water in the pool will be too cold for a comfortable swim.

Do not buy very expensive equipment that doesn't influence the efficiency of the pool solar panels. This is the case with highly insulated housings used for advanced water heaters; such items do not not increase the working rate of the pool solar panels, and often prove a waste. Before purchasing the system make sure you learn everything you need to know on the winterizing procedure. Other than that, pool solar panels do not require any special maintenance efforts, and are therefore very easy to work with.

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