Marine Solar Panels

Solar energy is an incredibly valuable solution for the creation of electricity all over the world. With the widest application extent in the world, solar panels work well not just in households by out in the open too. Let's consider for instance people who go boating a lot, and depend on shore power or on gas to generate the electricity necessary on board. Marine solar panels turn ocean-cruising into a great recreational experience without additional power generation noise and most important without polluting. Marine solar panels are applied for commercial boats too and with very high rates of success.

Depending on the manufacturer there are all sorts of marine solar panels models, not to mention the incredible accessory range that includes power inverters and battery chargers. Many sites promote a variety of marine solar panels, so that you have the great chance of comparing prices in a short period of time and without any effort whatsoever. Marine solar panels come in rigid or flexible forms, with installation peculiarities for each type. Thus the rigid ones will require some form of mounting device, whereas the flexible ones are easier to use. Whichever design of marine solar panels you'd choose, they need to be installed on the highest point of the boat, the one that receives most sun exposure all day long.

The placement of the marine solar panels depends on the configuration of the boat and the general features of the panels too. In case you misuse the panels, you could lose the warranty, hence, read all the instructions carefully before the installation as such. Remember that such panels need proper bars and braces in order to be secure and stable. An important aspect with marine solar panels is size and number; in general, experts recommend that even when you've determined the amount of energy you need you should add an extra twenty percent just to make sure the estimate is correct.

With a marine solar panels system you'll be able to operate all DC appliances on board of the boat from the safety lights and the regular lamps to pumps, fans, TV, electrical stove and the like. The latter may require a transformation of the DC into AC, but inverters are available and pretty inexpensive too. Keep in mind to check whether there is a voltmeter included in the marine solar panels system, if there isn't, buy and install one before getting to use the application. The voltmeter will allow you to constantly check the charge you get in the batteries and will see to the efficiency of the panels.

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