Free Solar Panels

Renewable, clean and totally free, these are the main advantages of solar power, but free solar panels to turn it into electricity are nowhere to be found. Even if you were to build your own green energy system you'd still pay for the materials and the installation kit, not to mention the professional advice you may need at a certain moment. The only way to actually get free solar panels is to consider them from the perspective of the return on investment. Here is how things really stand after you've put a lot of money into an ecological project of energy generation.

First of all, if the energy produced by a solar system covers around 80% of a the needs in a household, and you did install a very good model, then you will get all your money back through the savings you make from the electricity bill monthly. We could talk about free solar panels in term of a re-funding that the system works on your budget. The real return on investment is obvious within maximum two years in case of a very sophisticated and ultra modern solar system, or up to five years if you've purchased an average one.

Moreover, contributing to the same dimension of the free solar panels, governmental policy works to your advantage. People who decide to install solar panels are supported by the US government by a tax credit or rebates. This means that you will pay significantly lower taxes due to a percentage that is deducted from the amount as a means to reward and support you in the decision to go green. You only get to take advantage of such conditions when you install the system for the first time, in case you add some more panels after a while the situation no longer falls under this regulation.

Last but not least, the Internet is full of ads that read free solar panels, when in fact they are referring to the do-it-yourself kits available. Yes, they are dozens of times cheaper than the regular ready-made variant, but they surely don't have the same efficiency rate. With a homemade panel you cannot expect to cover the needs of the house, and the life extent of the device is surely questionable. If you go for this kind of free solar panels take all the precautions necessary for the making of a reliable and safe system. Good luck!

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