The two forms of Sinusitis infections that you will find are chronic nasal infection and that of Acute Sinusitis. While there are many similarities between the two Sinusitis infections you need to understand that the treatment for these infections will be somewhat different.

You should have your doctor see if you have any allergies which will need to be treated first. As the medication for allergies may not be compatible with that of the sinus medication it is to your benefit if this condition is cured before you treat a Sinusitis infection.

When you catch one of these forms of Sinusitis you may experience some type of pain. This pain can be relieved by some sensible steps. These steps will include drinking lots of fluid, elevating your head so that the excess mucus drains away from the nasal passages.

You can of course see about using various medications like penicillin and amoxylene to treat the symptoms of a Sinusitis infection. There are also various other medicines that you can use. These are antihistamines, steroids nasal sprays, nasal saline irrigation, leukotrinenes, reflux medications, steam inhalation and mucolytics.

For the moment we will concentrate on understanding the Acute Sinusitis infection. The first step to understanding this infection is to see where you will first begin to develop the symptoms of Acute Sinusitis.

Generally the infection will develop in the cheekbone sinus areas and that of the nasal sinus areas. You can also develop the symptoms of a Sinusitis infection in the Ethmoid front brow sinuses.

While you can suffer from some Sinusitis pain in these areas the greatest amount of pain will manifest itself in your frontal sinus areas. This area is located on the brow area. In general when you are suffering any form of pain in this area it will manifest itself as a headache.

In the Acute Sinusitis form, the infection takes a few days to develop. The duration period will last for about a week. Once the acute nasal infection has started it will generally end rather quickly.

In the cases where the infection does not vanish it develops into Chronic Sinusitis infection. With this infection the symptoms take longer to disperse. There are times when a medical operation may be required to heal the effects which are felt with this Sinusitis infection.

As these different medications for a sinus infection can have various side effects it is best if you know some details about the medication. Knowing to how to treat a Sinusitis infection will go a long way to making you feel better quickly.

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