Tea Sandwiches

A tea sandwich is a small and quickly prepared sandwich prepared exquisitely to be eaten at afternoons at teatime. They are not very heavy and serve a good stuffing until the evenings before the main meals. They accomplish the tea and give a wide range of options for the different types of sandwiches to be served. The main motive of these tea sandwiches are that they should be easy to handle and quickly gulped in two bites.

The tea sandwiches attract many people and they are thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The sandwiches may be long, narrow, or they can also be of the triangular form. It may be also cut with the cookie cutter in many different forms and shapes just for fun. The bread used for these sandwiches are traditionally white in color and are very soft by nature. They are thinly sliced and buttered. Before the serving, the sandwich is cleanly cut into halves. The bread can vary as pumpernickel, wheat, or rye bread.

The fillings that are usually used inside the tea sandwiches are light and delicate, in the sense they go well with the amount of bread used. Different types of spreading can be used on the breads. They may include cream cheese, and mayonnaise mixtures. Very often fresh vegetables like the cucumber, radishes, watercress or asparagus are used as fillers. One of the most liked category of the tea sandwiches belong to the fillings of cucumber. Another important category other than these is the pimento cheese, fruit jam, smoked salmon, egg salad and curried chicken.

They serve the best teatime snacks when guests are around. They also serve the purposes of theme parties, birthday parties, cocktail parties or related parties. Some of the most famous tea sandwiches include the following

* Salmon and Sill sandwiches can be prepared by buttering the bread with softened cream cheese, flavored with dill. A thin piece of salmon or lox on the cream cheese, then garnishing it with small fresh sprig of dill completes the preparation.

* Apricot Ham Finger Sandwich can be made by mixing three portions of cream cheese along with one part of apricot preserves. The mixture can be applied to the bread with topping of thinly sliced ham.

* Cucumber Sandwich is most easily made by mixing seasoned salt into a portion of butter. Then just place thinly sliced cucumbers on it with a small spring of parsley.

* Spring Radish can be prepared buttering the slices of pumpernickel bread. Then add thinly sliced radishes on the bread and cover it up with another bread piece to serve.

* Pineapple cream sandwich is prepared with Boston Brown sandwich. Finely chopped pineapple pieces are added to a cup of milk along with cream cheese. It is then thoroughly applied on the slices of the bread.

If you have to prepare these sandwiches before hand and want to prevent them from drying out, cover them loosely with the sheet of wax paper. A moistened kitchen towel should be placed over the wax paper. This will keep the tea sandwiches fresh and ready to eat at anytime.

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