Panini Sandwich

Panini sandwich has acquired a great place in the wide range of sandwiches and is very popular. It is normally an Italian sandwich but famous all over as a new and trendy sandwich of this age. The Panini sandwich is made by stuffing cued meats and sometimes cheese. The best part of this type of sandwich is that it need not be cooked, just grilled. It is an expensive grilled sandwich full of cheese, grilled hot and with many flavor.

Some of the important specifications of the ingredients that will give you a clear idea, for preparing the Panini sandwich are as given below.

The bread for this type of sandwich should be somewhat heavy and suitable a flavored bread. Foccacia and Ciabatta are great for Panini sandwiches. Else, the other alternative could be any bread loaded with herbs. Ultimately, the tasteless white bread should be avoided.

Usually Panini is made out of cured meats like salami, pepperoni, or prosciutto. This does not require it to be fully cooked on the grill. The meat and the cheese should be thinly sliced. The sandwich can be tried out by adding fired roasted peppers. As the sandwich is going to be grilled, choice of any good vegetable is allowed which can grill well. If the vegetables are grilled before then the sandwich gets an added flavor.

Grilling the Panini sandwich will need a two-layer fire, i.e. a hot grill with low direct heat. An oiled cooking surface is essential to prevent sandwich from sticking to the surface of the grill. Place the sandwiches over the heating grill once they are stacked and close the lid. Wait until 10 minutes and turn it over to the other side. Open the lid and press each sandwich down with your spatula. Close the lid again for another minute then open it. It should be pressed for 10 more seconds and then removed. Thus, you will have a perfect Panini sandwich.

Making Panini sandwiches of all sorts are enjoyable, simple, and delicious. Many people plan their parties centered round the Panini sandwich, which is a fun idea. For making customized sandwiches, the following are the basic ingredients served.

* An assortment of good quality breads and rolls to choose from

* Several types of sliced cheeses that melt well when grilled

* Thinly-sliced precooked deli meats like turkey, ham, pepperoni and roast beef.

* Julian vegetables like the zucchini, green pepper, eggplant and onion

* Fruits like pineapple can also be used for pizza Panini sandwich, olives, and sliced tomatoes

It is always better to have a person who is well equipped with the Panini maker when planning for a party. There are many varieties of different types of Panini sandwiches available. Like the Grilled Chicken and Mozzarella Panini, Dessert Panini, Vegan Panini Sandwich and many more. Some of the condiments can also be added to give it a flavored taste. They can range from mayonnaise, Italian dressing, ketchup, salsa, pickles and lettuce. Thus, Panini Sandwiches are grilled Italian-inspired sandwiches that are growing in popularity.

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