Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is a natural choice for any kind of environment. Why is that so? It has a lot of qualities which brings it to the top of the league. Among the other roofing materials, steel roofing is can be described as light, strong and durable. Actually, steel roofing covers 8% of the metal roofing market. Moreover, the demand for steel roofing is continuously rising. One attractive quality of steel roofing is its long life which, implicitly, transfers to the roof, too. Steel roofing is usually made from galvalume steel. During the process of making steel roofing, a 55% aluminum/zinc coating is used, which reduces the corrosion incredibly greatly.

In addition to its weatherability and long life, steel roofing is much lighter and stronger at the same time than all the other roofing materials. The newly popular steel roofing offers a wide range of shapes and colors which permits them to look like different other styles and materials. It can be made to imitate tiles, slates and shingles. Alternatively it can be supplied as flat standing-seam panels. In both cases the steel roofing is extremely durable. Among other things steel roofing can successfully withstand strong winds and resists wild fires.

In addition to its praised and proven durability, we should also insist on the aspect of recycling in connection with steel roofing. A steel roofing system is recyclable even after 30 years of service protecting a building. The steel in the steel roofing systems can be recycled just as the steel in cans, cars or other appliances. All, what we think to be new, new steel is actually made from a blending of scrap steel and the other raw materials, creating a minimum of 25% recycled material. Besides this positive aspect, the recycling of steel for steel roofing, has given birth to a whole new industry, thus creating other working possibilities.

An important thing for you to know is at least a minimum of information about the leading steel roofing manufacturers who, obviously have comprehensive websites, providing information regarding all aspects of steel roofing; they included also online catalogs, colors and materials in steel roofing and information about the care and maintenance of steel roofing.

Some of these steel roofing manufecturers that are at the top of the list, are: Steel Roofing based in the USA and Mexico, Absolute Steel: Steel Roofing based in Tempe, Arizona and Everlast: Steel Roofing which is to be found in Lebanon Pennsylvania, Howe Indiana, and Bridgton Maine.

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