Solar Roofing

If you are interested in solar roofing you should know that there are a lot of companies whose work object is exactly solar roofing. Some of the leading companies and manufacturers in the field of solar roofing in the USA are: Solar Components: Solar Shingles, based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Atlantis Energy Systems: Solar Shingles, in Sacramento, California, and

OK Solar: Solar Shingles. These manufacturers and many others have comprehensive websites providing information in the field of solar roofing, online catalogs, colors and materials for solar shingles as well as information regarding the care and maintenance for solar shingles.

The solar roofing shingles are shingles which generate electricity using photovoltaic technology. This product is relatively new, and there is a limited product range available. However, the advantage in comparison to conventional photovoltaic solar panels is just of an aesthetic nature. The solar roofing shingles are designed so to resemble normal roofing shingles, and to fit to some extent into the roof as a whole. The most common type of solar roofing shingle is a flexible thin-film photovoltaic sheet. This sheet will be nailed into place in the same way as asphalt roofing shingles. Another type is based on a standard fiber cement tile, with a photovoltaic film being applied to the lower part of the tile.

Now why would anyone become interested in solar roofing systems being used for their roofs, whether old or new? For one thing, and it is not a petty little thing, at least in order to do something to save the planet. Solar roofing and the developments around wind energy are just two of the developing “green technologies” which, if applied extensively, might help us rescue our home – the planet Earth. Probably everybody has already heard about and seen solar panels, but solar roofing with the solar shingles and other inventions in the field, represent a beneficial advancement of technology. The solar roofing systems and appliances are here to aid us; by actually covering our whole roof and by taking energy from the sun, the solar roofing helps reducing or even giving up the amount of mains electricity we usually consume.

The good thing about solar roofing is that solar roofing shingles are suitable for both residential homes and commercial premises. Therefore, if you need to repair your roof, why not replace it with a solar roofing system? Different people have different reasons to buy solar roofing shingles. Whether some people really care about the environment, some others probably care more for their money. Either way, as long as the result is implementing solar roofing, everything is just fine and there still is hope for us.

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