According to practice, roofing has two meanings and applications. First, roofing refers to the materials used in building roofs or covering them such as timber, aluminum, thatch, tiles, slates etc. The second meaning of roofing is the actual process of building or covering roofs. It is known that there are numerous and diverse types of roofing available to the wide public nowadays. Some of the types of roofing most widely used are: asphalt shingle roofing, wooden roofing, tile-clay or concrete roofing, slate roofing, metal roofing, and the more and more popular aluminum roofing.

It seems that asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most widely used type of roofing especially for residential buildings in the USA today. The reasons for its popularity seem to be the material’s resistance to wind, fire tearing and other damaging elements. Asphalt shingles are usually available on the market in two sorts: standard – 3tab, and designer. The difference between the two asphalt shingle roofing is in their texture. The designer type has a highly textured surface as compared to the standard kind.

Metal roofing is considered a good alternative for houses and buildings in general that have steep sloped roofs. Metal roofing comes in two types of products, actually. One is metal panels and the other is metal shingles. There are incredibly numerous metal panel shapes and configurations in use nowadays. Between the two, the metal shingles were meant to imitate traditional roof covers, like wood, for example. Metal roofing is advantageous as it has a quite long life and, in addition, it is both light and resistant. Last but not leas, metal roofing is also pleasant to the eye of the beholder. Wooden roofing shingles are usually made from cedar, southern pine and redwood. The popularity of metal roofing results from the natural like look the wood gives to the roof. The disadvantage of wood roofing lies in its susceptibility to fire. Yet, if treated properly with a fire-resistant substance, the wood roofing is quite nice.

The tile-clay or concrete roofing is usually to be found in Mission and Spanish like round-topped houses in the Southwest and in Florida, too. These types of roofs are quite heavy but nice at the same time, as they come in all kinds of colors and finishes. The major problem with this type of roofing would be its weight.

Aluminum roofing is maybe one of the most impressive styles. Aluminum roofing looks great; it is economical as it helps you save money, time and energy. Besides it is easy to maintain and has a very long life during which repairs might not be necessary at all. Slate roofing is typical of Vermont, New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Different colors and grades are used in this type of roofing, depending on where it originates. The fact that this roofing material is thought of as virtually indestructible makes it very expensive. Besides, applying the slates require a lot of experience and extraordinary skill.

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