Roofing Material

What roofing materials types are there on the market? What roofing material types can I use in my enterprise? These questions are not necessarily hard to answer, but the problem is that you cannot just list the names of the existing roofing material types. There are many types of roofing material avaiable on the market. The roofing materials are categorized into wood, metal, tile, slate or asphalt shingles. As in any field of activity, in roofing too the materials have both advantages and disadvantages.

The most widely used roofing materials are obviously metal and asphalt, and it is so because of the qualities and advantages they have and offer. In the field of metal roofing material, we have to make a clear distinction between the five typesof materials used although many metal roofs might look like each other to the untrained eye of a non-specialist. As probably many people know, the most frequently used metal roofing material is steel, because it is heavier and sturdier than other metals used in roofing. In order to avoid or prevent corrosion, steel is usually coated with tin; other coatings are applied to steel to enhance its durability and make it look nicer. Other metal roofing material types are aluminum, stainless steel, copper and some alloys, as well. Metal roofing materials are among the most expensive ones in spite of their striking and appealing look.

Asphalt roofing material is created by using composition shingles or fiberglass shingles. When the matrix is ready it is dipped into asphalt and then the shingles are made. In the USA asphalt roofing material is widespread and appears on most residential buildings. The reason for its popularity is the fact that asphalt roofing material combines low costs with a nice appearance.

The roofing materials mentioned above are, of course to be found in the civilized world of cities, towns and villages. However people who live in the jungle in huts and cabins have a different variety of roofing material types. In those parts of the world materials like banana leaves, seagrass, wheaten straw are the ones commonly used.

Another aspect related to roofing material types choice refers to the kind of roof to be built. Thus the inclination or flatness of the roof will have a say in deciding which roofing material to use. Thus asphalt and wood shingles, slate, tile and metal are convenient and suitable at slopes of four inches in twelve or steeper,while asphalt roll roofing or membrane roofs will go well with roofs with pitches below three inches per foot.

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