Rolled Roofing

What is rolled roofing? If you are interested in rolled roofing, then you should know that it is one of the most convenient solutions for the roofs of structures like sheds or detached garages. The rolled roofing choice is a temporary one as rolled roofing can last between 6 and 12 years. Obviously the cost of rolled roofing is considerably lower than in the case of any other kind of roofing. Besides the lower costs of rolled roofing, you should also keep in mind another advantage of this building structure, namely the easiness and rapidity of installing it. Hence, its convenience.

Everyone knows that roofing is very important for any kind of structural construction and because of this there are numerous recommendations for rolled roofing that do-it-yourself people should keep in mind when deciding to start such a work project. You should be careful about small insignificant details now at the beginning of your project while you are still planning the rolled roofing task in order to avoid potential waste of time and money later.

When deciding to deal with rolled roofing yourself the first question you should answer is whether you would like to have single or double cover for your structure. The specialistsí recommendation is for single rolled roofing to be used if the roof is inclined/sloped. If the roof under discussion is flat then double coverage is advisable. Why would double rolled roof coverage be better? Well, for protection against potential pools from rain water. In any case it is not a good idea at all to build a shed with a flat roof.

Before beginning the rolled roofing task, you have to make sure that the rolls are flat, smooth and dry. If your rolls are completely flat and dry then you will not have any wavy edges on your sheets of roofing. Another important thing to remember is that you should do this kind of work on warm days because in cold weather the rolled roofing sheets might crack. Besides you may need to warm them before working with them. Although it is not a must, it is still advisable to use an underlayment beneath the rolled roofing sheets just for protecting the surface of the roof and to extend the rollís life.

While actually performing the rolled roofing job, make sure to use hot asphalt as your adhesive, especially if the rolled roofing is coated only on one side. Another aspect you must look after is the possibility of getting blisters or bubbles of air between the layers. Remember: the cause lies in the use of cold adhesives. So only do rolled roofing work in warm weather. One final piece of advice related to rolled roofing concerns the choice of colors. Lighter colors will stay pretty good looking for a longer time as they are not so much likely to be damaged by sun as darker colors are.

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