Metal Roofing

When talking about metal roofing we should know that it is made of aluminum or galvanized steel mainly but it can also be made of copper or stainless steel. Unfortunately, copper or stainless steel metal roofing is usually more expensive than aluminum or galvanized steel metal roofing. The design of metal roofing is made so as to imitate tiles, slates, and shingles or it can be made as tiles, slates, and shingles. In any of the two cases, metal roofing is incredibly durable; actually it is capable to withstand very high speed winds and wild fires.

If you compare it to tiles, slates, or shingles, metal roofing is very light, and has a high strength to weight ratio.

The leading metal roofing manufacturers usually have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of metal roofing, including online catalogs, colors and materials for metal roofing, and care and maintenance of metal roofing. Here are some of the leading metal roofing manufacturers who have wonderful products to offer in the field.

Absolute Steel: Metal Roofing, a company which is based in Tempe, Arizona, was established in 1999; they are leading suppliers of metal buildings, metal roofing, and metal siding. They supply steel panels for agricultural applications, post frame, architectural, industrial, and residential use. Their specialty is the two types of metal roofing: metal shingles, made of galvanized steel, and vertical panels. These products come with a four-way locking system. Another leading metal roofing company is Everlast: Metal Roofing which was founded in 1996. The company operates in Lebanon Pennsylvania, Howe Indiana, and Bridgton Maine. Their main product is galvanized steel metal roofing in the form of profiled panels.

The way they manufacture the panels at high temperatures, helps in preventing the microscopic cracking of paint at the bends, cracking which in time results in accelerated corrosion. In their production process the steel panel undergoes four treatments: galvalume galvanizing, chromate pre-treatment, primer, and hard finish. The metal roofing panels produced by Everlast: Metal Roofing, come in 15 colors. Another rally important manufacturer in the field of metal roofing is Classic Metal Roofing Systems, to be found in Piqua, Ohio and founded in 1980. This company’s specialty is aluminum metal roofing systems. Their metal roofing systems have a lifetime limited warranty for the original owner and a 40-year transferable warranty for all future owners.

The product range of the Classic Metal Roofing Systems includes aluminum metal roof panels imitating rustic shingles and shakes and also standing seam flat panels. Here are some reasons why metal roofing should be appreciated: long life, recyclability, manufacturing options, innovations, variety, price ranges, energy friendliness, re-roofing capabilities, weather-ability, and, last but not least, appearance.

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