Firestone Roofing

Firestone Commercial Roofing Products is a company that manufactures and markets an entire line of roofing systems, insulation and accessory products for commercial roofing applications. They are based in Carmel, Indiana and have ten facilities all over North America. The company advertises with the motto that Firestone roofing is”your single source for quality roofing systems.” Firestone Building Products is among the leading manufacturers of high performing roofing systems for commercial and residential roofing applications. Firestone roofing is among the best produced and installed in the USA and over the world, and, their systems have been installed successfully since 1980.

Here are some of Firestone roofing products that are known all over the world. First, there are the firestone EPDM roofing systems which are based on Rubber Gard of which square meters have been installed since 1980. The EPDM Firestone roofing systems give customers a proven track record of durability, longevity and very good overall performance. Then there are the Firestone TPO roofing systems which are based on Ultraply, which is a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane. Ultraply TPO Firestone roofing systems represent an alternative possibility in case you are searching for a white or light colored, energy efficient roofing system based on hot-air welded seams.

Another newer Firestone roofing system is the new firestone RMA which started being produced in the mid nineties when the QuickSeam Splice Tape System appeared on the market. In time the company continued to extend their QuicSeam products range. The latest development in the Firestone roofing QuickSeam range is the product called QuickSeam RMA TM Strip. This latest addition resulted in the growth of the new firestone roofing RMA systems. The Firestone roofing RMA system has been a success as it has a lot of benefits. Using this system there is no more penetration of the EPDM roofing membrane; it is more attractive, and it uses large EPDM panels which means fast and easy installation.

How is this new Firestone roofing system installed? Applying the QuickSeam RMA strip implies the same installation steps as the firestone QuickSeam tape. The unrolling of the RMA strip must be done with the release paper up. Then the strip is attached using Firestone plates or batten strips. Firestone also allows alternative fastening plates, enabling in this way the use of automatic stand-up tools. This results in an increased rapidity in installing the system.

Then put the Firestone RubberGard EPDM membrane over the RMA strip, release paper in place. Then the membrane is folded back to expose the RMA strip and primed with Firestone QuickPrime Plus to be spliced to the QuickSeam tape. Then the release paper of the tape can be removed and the primed EPDM membrane rolled onto the QuickSeam Splice tape. In the end roll the membrane with the new Firestone QuickRoller to ensure proper addition. By adding this new QuickSeam RMA specificity. Firestone roofing proves again their commitment to maintain a leading position in the roofing industry.

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