Corrugated Roofing

What does corrugated roofing mean? Before answering that, first we should know what the term corrugated refers to. The dictionary explains this word as ”shaped into a series of regular folds that look like waves.” Corrugated roofing is generally made of corrugated iron. When the roofing material is corrugated not flat as it is the case of shingles, the advantage is that rain water can flow right off much faster and easily. People opt for corrugated roofing precisely for this reason.

Water remaining on the roof longer is not at all good as it damages almost any kind of roofing and attracts insects, especially mosquitoes. The best way for the corrugated roofing to function is when the roof itself is triangular in shape, not flat. Therefore as long as you live in a rainy region, corrugated roofing is probably the best solution you can come with for your roof.

You will find references to corrugated roofing as CGI which stands for corrugated galvanized iron, which was invented in 1840s. At the time it was considered a new lightweight material. But in spite of its lightness it was still a tough building material. Back then corrugated galvanized iron was mostly used in corrugated roofing. And for the first time in humankind history the wide public had a sturdy roofing material that was available to everyone on the market.

Its name might make us believe that the iron makes it corrugated. Actually the shape of the sheets – wavy is what gave the material the name, corrugated roofing. As roofing materials makers have always sought the best roofing solutions, in time they have come up with different improvements among which we also got corrugated roofing. Nowadays we can see corrugated roofing in different materials like stainless steel, fiberglass, zinc, plastic, aluminum and coated or painted steel. Some old, historic houses which have corrugated roofing are in Scotland – the home of Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell, Glenair, and The Captain Coghlan House in the Yukon. This second house was made with metal corrugated roofing.

In the aftermath of the 2005 inspection by the Yukon Historical & Museums Association, the house was labeled as “in fair condition”; and this inspection came over 100 years after it was built. The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that corrugated ironing is indeed efficient. Now getting back to the present day corrugated roofing materials, we should add that corrugated roofing is used in agricultural, residential, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Since the first use of metal corrugated roofing in the 1840s the material has undergone steady improving and changing through technological developments. Corrugated roofing’s qualities have continuously been enhanced in time. One example of such improvement is the galvanizing process through which corrugated roofing goes. This treatment applied to corrugated roofing materials leads to higher protection against corrosion from air and water.

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