Rv Refrigerator

Are you a lot of time on the road? Are you looking for an rv refrigerator? There are at least two types of refrigerators that you can purchase for your recreational vehicle.

The first would be the propane or gas refrigerator. This one is very useful in cases when you do not want to use any electricity at all. It is best for camps, chalets, lodges and other places in remote areas as well. It works solely on the heat that it produces using ammonia and it relies on the continuous cycle of condensation and evaporation it has been designed with. It is very reliable and very nature friendly. It has been proved that the propane fridges require a smaller number of repairs than the regular ones. This kind of rv refrigerator that works on gas requires that it be installed on level surfaces and that it has appropriate ventilation. If the cooling unit needs to be changed, then you need to follow the precise instructions and to install it properly inside the fridge.

However there might appear some problems with your rv refrigerator. If you smell ammonia in your rv, it is a sign that something went wrong with the cooling unit and it most likely requires change. If the sound that it makes is pretty loud and it can be heard from farther than several feet, again you have a sign of a bad cooling unit and that means that it has lost pressure inside. Again you will have to turn to a professional or simply change the unit. Usually the propane rv refrigerator is much more silent than a regular compressor indoor fridge like the ones we have at homes.

The other type of rv refrigerator you can turn to is the low voltage one. One such example is the 12 volt refrigerator which many have found to be very convenient. It can be connected to the battery of your car without requiring an inverter. It uses very little energy and it is very compact. It takes up very little space in your vehicle although the designers have thought it to be very spacious on the inside. Many of them come with special ice cube trays, door attached compartments for bottles and a small freezer. If your model does not have a built-in power adapter, then you can buy one and use it even indoors.

All this being said, choosing the right type of rv refrigerator is not such a challenging task. Careful reading of specifications and installation and maintenance instruction guide will give you clues as to whether the rv refrigerator you are analyzing is a good buy or not.

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