The refrigerator is a very useful appliance nowadays and we can hardly imagine life without it. Its purpose is to keep food and drinks at a low temperature so that spoilage will be avoided in a short period of time. In the past people did not have refrigerators and, as creative as they were, they found other ways to store food and drinks and avoid spoilage. Lack of refrigerators was not such a great problem as ice houses, or water sources were the replacement of what we today have as the refrigerator. Cellars also provided a very good source of coolness necessary in preserving food.

Today the refrigerator goes hand in hand with the freezer, the latter serving the purpose of freezing meat, or any other products that require being kept at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Usually freezers are built in compartments found at the top of the refrigerator and the latter can be incorporated in the kitchen furniture or can stand freely. Moreover the refrigerator comes in various sizes for domestic usage. It can be as small as to hold only a six packs of beer cans or as high as a regular human being and with a capacity of up to 600 liters.

Industrial refrigerators have the purpose of storing products, food products in particular. You can see these especially in supermarkets and they can hold cartons of milk or other dairy products, various types of ham or other meat products, pre-cooked food, fruits, greens and many others. If refrigerators had not been invented, we would still be using the market place system and there would be a higher risk of buying spoiled food. Many of those selling products in the marketplace would feel that profit would be more difficult to get because products would spoil more rapidly and customers would not choose to purchase them any longer.

As a conclusion, it is obvious that the refrigerator has had a lot to do with changing our lifestyle and with raising the standard of living. It allows us to buy more food at one time and keep it fresh, especially vegetables or salad ingredients. For those who want to eat healthy, the refrigerator is like a best friend storing greens and fruits for a longer time without the stringent need to pay a visit to the market place. It has facilitated our lives and it has had its share in bringing about more satisfaction in every meal.

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