Refrigerator Water Filter

The refrigerator water filter usually requires that you should change it about every six months at least. The frequency with which you need to change it in reality depends directly on whether you use public running water which is treated against contaminating substances. In case you use well water, there is a higher chance that there are contaminants in it so you will have to change the refrigerator water filter more often than in the other case.

One type of refrigerator water filter has in its composition carbon granules as carbon has the role of absorbing substances that may contaminate food and drink. This type of filter is not fully reliable as the passing of water through it is done very fast and there is not sufficient time to purify the water as it should. However some bacteria get caught but then there is the risk for them to multiply and further contaminate the water rather than purify it as the purpose of the refrigerator water filter is. So if the filter is not changed at least once per half a year the risk of contaminated liquid getting back in the purified water is higher.

Another type of refrigerator water filter that promises better work done in purifying is the one which relies on solid carbon blocks. Because of the structure of this filter, water needs a bigger amount of time to go through it and, therefore, becomes cleaner. The longer time needed for the water to pass through the filtering device equals more absorbed contaminants.

Another type of refrigerator water filter is the one made from fiber like the cellulose one. This one is more efficient in retaining sediments, rust or small particles of dust. However this type of filter is required to be used in combination with one of the types mentioned above as it alone will not protect you against chemical substances and contaminants. Their role is simply to reduce the amount of sediments. It is also recommended that you change these once every half a year at least or else the sediments will gather and fall back into the water.

Last but not least, it is recommended that, when you buy a new refrigerator water filter to replace the old one, you should check to make sure it comes sealed in the packaging it was given by the manufacturer. Thus you can make sure that your money goes for the quality brand new filter you pay for.

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