Refrigerator Filters

Refrigerator filters are devices meant to retain impurities and chemicals from water. The system they rely on is based either on some kind of physical obstruction or on a chemical process. Whichever the system, it is a smart thing to change the refrigerator filters every six months so that you will have purified, clean water and ice inside.

There are about three types of refrigerator filters that are presently available on the market. The first type is the granular carbon one. The small disadvantage it has is that water goes through it very fast because of the granular size of the carbon. So there is not sufficient time for a proper retaining of contaminants. In case you do not change your filter for longer than 6 months, then the bacteria that got caught by the filter may multiply and leak back into the purified water.

The second type of refrigerator filters is the carbon block one. This consists of a solid carbon block that does a better job at purifying the water that goes through for the simple reason that it takes water a longer time to get filtered. The structure of the carbon blocks makes it easy for the filter to retain heavy metals and bacteria from going back into the clean water.

Last but not least there is another type of refrigerator filters that relies only on a physical obstruction of impurities. This is the cellulose fiber type and its function is to reduce the amount of sediments from getting into the clean output water. It is advisable to use this type of refrigerator filters in combination with another kind to make sure that your water and ice get properly cleaned. It does a good job at retaining dust, lead and rust particles.

So as you have seen, filtering the water is something definitely needed nowadays. Choosing the right type of refrigerator filters for you appliance may not be an easy job. There are many types of filters on the market for many kinds of kitchen appliances and the more our technology advances, the better the refrigerator filters will become in time. For now, we can use what it is provided by the manufacturers and make sure to replace these refrigerator filters when the time is right. The highest risk one runs under the circumstances is that of developing infections of the digestive tract. Therefore, act responsible and do what's best for the family!

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