Mini Refrigerators

What is the purpose of mini refrigerators? Perhaps you and your office colleagues want to keep your refreshments cold or you want your sandwiches to stay cold and fresh for lunch time. You might have an all purpose fridge somewhere in the company kitchen where you can leave your drinks. However if you wish to avoid walking up to that kitchen, there is one solution to overcome this “impasse”: buy mini refrigerators.

The mini refrigerators can be as small as to have a capacity of up to 20 liters, so you can imagine how tiny they may actually seem in reality. You can place them on the desk next to a book and you wouldn’t notice a big difference between the height of your books and that of the fridge. Some of the mini refrigerators come in with a digital display that shows you what temperature there is inside assuring you that your coke cans are as cold as you wish. Some models come with a freezing compartment as well, which is indeed small but still does a good job at making ice for your drinks.

Some of these mini refrigerators are bought to meet your needs while being on the road. If this is the purpose they have to serve, then it is good to know that you need to buy adaptors. Since they are so small, they are very easy to move around from one place to another and you will place them anywhere you are able to find a bit of space.

Like any other refrigerator, the mini refrigerators come with clear usage instructions for the owner. Most mini models rely on manual defrost and like for any other type of fridge it is recommended not to use sharp objects to remove the ice from the walls. It is best to wait until the ice melts by itself. If there is no dripping pan for the defrosting procedure, then the owner has to put himself a pan or some container under the ice cube tray, if it does have one.

It is very important to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual as this is the right way to know exactly what to do in case something goes wrong with your mini refrigerators. The manufacturer will replace the broken model only if the damage was caused by some faulty material or manufacturing procedure. If they discover your mini refrigerators have been damaged because you failed to follow some instructions, then the warranty is no longer valid and you will have to pay for the repairs yourself.

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