Counter Depth Refrigerator

A counter depth refrigerator is designed in such a manner to fit cabinets inside your kitchen. As compared to a regular free standing fridge this one is smaller in size and the inside depth is usually up to 27 inches whereas the regular fridge is up to 32 inches deep.

The counter depth refrigerator is not the same thing as the under counter refrigerator which can be placed under counters, such types are pretty small. The latter model is meant for purposes like storing ingredients close to the cooking area so that you do not have to walk across to kitchen in order to get what you need and leave frying or boiling stuff on the cooker. They are meant to be complementary to regular kitchen fridges or they function as mere replacements of these regular size fridges matching with very small kitchens.

The counter depth refrigerator, as the name may suggest, is not mean to be hidden inside a kitchen cabinet. It is called like that because the depth is supposed to match that of your cabinets or your furniture and choosing a model like this will provide perfect alignment between your fridge and the rest of the furniture. It is much larger than an under counter fridge and it cannot be masked inside of your kitchen furniture.

Moreover it is a good replacement of your regular fridge, not a complementary one as the under counter refrigerator. It may be as high as your kitchen furniture, yet it looks very stylish as most models are very modern in appearance and they come in various outer designs and colors to go with your kitchen “looks”.

The modern counter depth refrigerator provides the same facilities as a regular refrigerator and even if it is less deep many designs try to offer the same depth for the shelves so that you can store about the same amount of food as in the classic refrigerator. They also have freezers and special drawers for storing vegetables or other types of food in which the temperature may be adjusted to suit the needs of those items good storage.

Doors are also smart providing you with clear bins and compartments where you can store bottles and jars to save room on the shelves. It seems the counter depth refrigerator is the modern version of the classic refrigerator and many buyers choose this type of the sheer elegance it offers to their kitchen.

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