Stop Pollution

One of the most within-reach ways to stop pollution is to increase people's awareness that their actions are detrimental to the environment. Enough information together with product alternatives should determine more and more people to use only those products with a high safety level for the environment. Very few farmers know for instance that there are chemical-free pesticides that represent the organic alternative to the toxic substances that not only kill crop enemies but also damage ecosystems. The use of non-toxic products stops pollution at the level of the water surface network where most of the garden and lawn drain water gets.

Sorting domestic litter into recyclable and non-recyclable, pay back options for disposing of electronics and the wide use of recycled products are among the most common ways we can take in order to stop pollution. Have you ever thought that the motor oils and the filters under the hood of your car can actually be recycled. Such substances are incredibly harmful for the environment, and most cities have dozens if not hundreds of collection centers to dispose of such harmful chemicals. If you don't know such a facility in your city, a simple Google search should help you.

There are other little things that you can do to stop pollution from picking up your pet's litter to reporting illegal dumping of chemical substances. Thus, disposing of motor oils, trash, paint and other chemicals in the storm drains is completely illegal and is punishable by law. And since we've mentioned paints, you can do something to stop pollution here too; water-based paints are the most reliable and environment friendly as compared to oil-based ones, ask at the decoration store department for guidance. You should think about all these aspects that contribute to the international effort to stop pollution.

Encouraging attitudes such as “my contribution is insignificant as compared to the colossal industrial pollution” are totally inappropriate and dangerous for us all. Children should be educated and guided in the effort to stop pollution and keep our planet green. Every time you fail to gather your litter after a picnic remember that you are setting an example for your young ones. Incorrect models combined with ignorance are very often the causes that prevent us from taking some very basic steps in the effort to stop pollution. Maybe from the immediate point of view results are not apparent, but according to a larger perspective, every recycled item does matter.

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