Plastic Pollution

The invention of plastic has brought a revolution in the very development of our civilization; we wouldn't have achieved so much if it hadn't been for this “wonder” material. Yet, there was a price to pay, that of environment imbalances triggered by the improper disposal of used plastic materials. Though recycling centers focus on the reuse of plastic, the phenomenon known as “plastic pollution”is far from being kept under control. The major issue that contributes to the accumulation of plastic waste is the incredible consume rate mankind has reached, therefore it is for a very good reason that we are called a consume society.

The plastic we may carelessly dump in the sea will be here in a few hundreds years too as it cannot break down in nature: it will get caught in boat propellers, it will tarnish the beauty of beaches, forests and pastures. Plastic is inescapable unless we recycle it! Moreover, the plastic pollution of our oceans has dramatic consequences for the marine life; a plastic bag that resembles a jelly fish will be swallowed by a predator and it will kill the animal slowly by blocking it's intestines. And this is probably the simplest of thousands of examples that could be given under the circumstances.

Everyone can contribute to reducing the plastic pollution level by the careful sorting of domestic garbage for instance. Always place PET bottles in separate containers as this type of plastic is recycled separately. The big issue with plastic recycling is that there are several kinds of materials that are incompatible with each other in terms of recycling specificity. This means that the PET cannot go together with some plastic boxes for instance or with bags. Hence, here we have the explanation for the difficulties encountered in the fight against plastic pollution.

No matter how fantastic and cheap plastic may be, without proper disposal we are doomed to have it turn on us, heaps of plastic are already mingled with the rest of domestic garbage at the outskirts of cities, what are we going to do will all of that waste? If drastic measures are not taken at the international level, at a certain moment, plastic pollution will have reached such an extent that one will hardly be able to do anything against it. Damaged ecosystems, a desolate perspective in the natural habitats and a dirty look of all inhabited and non-inhabited areas! Take a little time to think about how you can contribute to make this bleak perspective as harmless as possible.

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